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ARTEX B406-4 (Boeing), Main Assembly

ARTEX B406-4 (Boeing), Main Assembly

P/N 453-5004 -

The B406-4 Main Assembly (P/N 453-5004) contains the ELT transmitter only. This ELT has been modified to interface with Boeing's Master Caution System in conjunction with the DZUS mounted cockpit remote panel (P/N 453-0161) for the B737 and is furthermore approved for use on all models of the B747, B757, B767 & B777. The ELT transmits on 121.5, 243.0, and 406.025 MHz. It is also designed to be coupled with the ELT to NAV Interface-B (P/N 453-6501) COSPAS/SARSAT, FAA TSO C126, JTSO-2C126, & Boeing Approved. Product picture shown with optional ELT to NAV Interface-B (P/N 453-6501 E/N-B, main assembly or P/N 455-6501 E/N-B with install kit).


Product No. 453-5004
Approvals ETSO 2C126, TSO C126, TSO C91a
Battery Lithium


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