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ARTEX ME406/P with 110-338 rod antenna

ARTEX ME406/P with 110-338 rod antenna

P/N 455-6613 -

ME406/P with 110-338 rod antenna

The ME406/P (automatic, portable) is using the proven technology of the ME406 and attaching a removable wrap-around auxilliary flex antenna. It  allows the disconnection of the ELT from the installed aerial antenna, removal of the transmitter from a downed aircraft and after attaching the flexible antenna the distress call is again transmitted with full signal strength to reach the COSPAS-SARSAT satellites. Although Search and Rescue authoritiese recommend to remain in close proximity to the aircraft, using the ME406/P in it's portable version enables to wait for the Search and Rescue crews in areas sheltered better from the environment.


Product No. 455-6613
Antenna 110-338 Rod
Approvals ETSO 2C126, TSO C126, TSO C91a
Battery Lithium
Switch Standard


KANNAD 406 AF-COMPACT - Emergency Locator Transmitter Pack

Специально разработан для пилотов авиации общего назначения.

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ARTEX C406-N w/110-341 blade antenna, 15 ft. co-ax cable and gray RMT

C406-N with 110-341 blade antenna, 15 ft. co-ax cable and gray remote switch

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ARTEX ME406 w/110-773 whip antenna

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