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ARTEX SLB406 Survival Locator Beacon

ARTEX SLB406 Surv. Locator Beacon

P/N 455-0011 -

The SLB406 was developed for use by crew members in the cabin or upon inflation of a life-raft. Engineered for ease of operation, the SLB406 is activated by pushing a large "Activate" button when requested by the aircraft's pilot in addition to the automatic fixed ELT on board.

Rugged: The SLB406 meets the demanding RTCA DO-183 and DO-204 aviation standards. The beacon is made of tough poly-carbonate plastic and is designed to withstand the crush, shock and impact forces associated with a plan crash.

Easy to use: The SLB406 can be activated with either the right or the left hand. The buttons are large enough to be operated while wearing gloves. Turning on the beacon is simple and can be done with one hand.

Accurate: The 406 MHz signal emitted by the transmitter provides location accuracy of less than 3 kilometers.

Certification: The SLB406 is certified following tests as per RTCA DO-183 and DO-204 aviation standards for a type (S) ELT ensuring that it fully meets the demand of service in a commercial air environment and is FAA TSO C126, EASA ETSO-2C126  and COSPAS/SARSAT approved. Certification as a Class 1 (Cospas/Sarsat) beacon allows use in commercial, business and general aviation applications where this certification is required.

Product No. 455-0011
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